Daily WOD

5:00 am M-F
6:00 am M-F
8:30 am M-F
12:00 pm M-F
4:30 pm M-F
5:30 pm M-F
6:30 pm T/Th
8:00 am Sat
1:00 pm Sun


9:30 am M/W/F
6:30 pm M/W/F

This ain't yo mommas' step aerobics. This is Bootcamp done CrossFit Style. Be prepared to burn some serious calories and get fit.


5:30 pm T/Th
9:30 am Sat

Break down the snatch and clean/jerk and their variations to become better. Join our competitive program or just improve your olympic lifts to excel during the daily WOD.

CrossFit Kids

3:30 pm M/F
3:45 pm T/Th

If you want to help build character, healthy habits, and boost confidence with your child this is the program to enroll them in.

Open Gym

9:30-11am Sat
2:00-3:30pm Sun

Get some extra practice on skill work, perform one of our daily WODS, or get in a missed workout during open gym.

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