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Whether you are trying to compete or just be the best version of yourself we got you covered

Whether you're wanting to compete for fun, compete seriously, or just really enjoy the feeling of pushing your limits and reaching goals you have set for yourself we have you covered. What do you need to work on...strength? mobility? gymnastics? weightlifting? aerobic capacity? Whatever it is let us help. We've helped members reach milestones they never thought were possible. We're constantly growing, adding equipment, and seeking out more information so that CrossFit Ooltewah can better provide the resources to help our athletes become the best they can be. We have more than 5500 square foot of gym space, outdoor room, and access to a full high school track. We regularly compete at local competitions as a team and host them ourselves, and were looking to find members that resonate with our motto...WORK HARD. HAVE FUN. NO DRAMA.

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We know it's not easy to decide after one class so try several. You can use the 3 Free Pass to try the classes you want.

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