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FitCamp is our bootcamp class. This class is different from our regular CrossFit classes in that there are no heavy barbells. Did you say "Conditioning, Conditioning, and More Conditioning?" Oh yeah. You're going to have so much fun and burn tons of calories. Even though this ain't yo mommas step class, she can participate too. It's for all levels of fitness.


Our regular CrossFit Classes are designed for someone who is new to CrossFit or someone with CrossFit experience or athletic background. Our classes exist in a comfortable and supportive group setting. Every step of the process is planned out. We take care of all programming such as warm-up, skill-work, strength, workout, and mobility, and you receive full coaching instruction during each class. During these classes, you will perform movements of power lifting, weightlifting, basic gymnastics and body weight movements as well as rowing, running, and jumping.


Our Weightlifting classes are perfect for athletes who are looking to develop their snatch and clean/jerk. The snatch and the clean & jerk require speed, power, coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance. Often you will see weightlifting movements programmed into daily CrossFit workouts so it makes sense you would want to improve upon individual movements to get better. In this class you will work on the snatch and clean/jerk and their variations to become proficient at each.


CrossFit Kids Class- NOOGA NINJAS is intended to be fitness fun for ages (8-11). We provide a better alternative to inactive lifestyles. More active children translates to less childhood obesity and all around improved health.  Nooga Ninjas is scalable for any age or fitness level. Our goal is to teach kids good movement patterns as they progress from childhood to adolescence and in doing so, kids move better, experience enhanced performance with fewer injuries. They also experience a benefit in academics. Research shows that exercise is beneficial to intellectual function. That means consistent participation to an exercise program can have a positive impact on children’s academic achievements.


Based on initial evaluations completed during the consultation, we may recommend personal training. These are private 1 on 1 sessions designed to familiarize someone with the movements they will encounter during the group environment. Typically a week in duration will suffice in order to expose an individual to the core movements in CrossFit so they can be successful in the classes. Everyone is different however, and may need a longer duration to be confident. Our main goal is to help our members be as successful as possible.

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